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This gathering is a time for people to come together and share gifts of creativity that inspire us. Music & art have played a part in all cultures of the world and they document our history, our legends and our dreams of hope for the future. We work together so that our youth may learn and carry these traditions into the future.The Blue Feather Music Society aims to inspire, encourage and support our young people to develop the gifts that the Creator has given them.


Through music and thevisual arts, the Society will create opportunities for youth to explore and enhance their creative potential. - Blue Feather Mission Statement The Blue Feather Music Festival is a 100 % volunteer effort.We would like to thank the Creator for the gifts that have been given to us. Also, to all the artists, technicians, businesses & volunteers who generously donated their time, services & products towards making this event possible.Thank-you to our audience for your presence & support.


Our Youth are the next generation of leaders, keepers of the earth, healers and artists. We need to honor the spirit of youth while inspiring them to feel good about life and to understand the power of personal choice. We invite people of all ages from all walks of life to celebrate and share the gifts of music and art from the great spirit of life.


~ Blue Feather Vision Statement

Gary Bailie
Lancelot Burton
Steve Philip
Board Member
Hal Jordan
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